Good Friday - 2022 (Mark 15:1-41)

Tim Douglass, April 15, 2022
Part of the Other series, preached at a Special Service service

The Cost of Forgiveness

Good Friday is a very straightforward remembrance. There are a lot of subtle details that we can dissect, but the basic issues are pretty easy to grasp. Maybe that’s why it’s possibly the day I like most out of the church year, fundamentally all we need to know is that we are remembering the day that Jesus died for the forgiveness of our sins.

But of course I can’t leave things alone and there really is a lot of stuff worth thinking about related to the day, so I want to go down one particular path. As I was preparing this year for the Easter season the thing that just stuck in my mind was that our forgiveness was costly. There was no cheap and easy way for God to forgive us all. I want to explore that a little bit this evening.


About Tim Douglass: Tim is the pastor of Monitor Bible Church.
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