Fourth Sunday of Advent – December 21, 2014

Faithfulness & Fortitude

Read: Isaiah 9:2-7

The first Advent candle was for Watching & Waiting. As those in the past waited on the coming Messiah so we wait on His return. Let us be reminded to never stop watching for Him.

Light the first candle.

The second candle is or Patience & Preparation. It is to help us remember that God acts on His own timetable and His time is always the right time. We should therefore continually prepare for His return, as it could come and any moment.

Light the second candle.

The third candle represents Preaching & Proclamation. God has always called people to convey His message to the world. We are reminded not only of the prophets who foretold the coming of Jesus, but also that we need to keep preaching the message of the Gospel.

Light the rose candle.

This is the last Sunday of Advent. Our focus should now shift from anticipation to the fulfillment of God’s promises. For so many people the birth of Jesus was a clear and tangible proof of God’s faithfulness in keeping his word. All of the waiting came to an end and God’s proclamation became action. This fourth candle is a reminder of God’s faithfulness toward us and of our need to be faithful to Him, through good and bad because He has proven Himself worthy of our trust.

Light the fourth candle.

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