Jesus Came in the Fullness of Time (Galatians 4:1-7)

Tim Douglass, November 27, 2016
Part of the Advent 2016 series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Advent season always seems to come too quickly for me. I just barely get through Easter and there is Advent staring me right in the face. The passage of time is pretty relentless, and completely out of our control, so that makes things sneak up on us a bit at times. That’s actually one of the really nice things about Advent – it gives us some time in advance to think about Christmas and what the birth of Jesus really means. It also helps us to see how Christmas comes at a designated time. It isn’t early and it isn’t late. (Yeah, I know that December 25th probably isn’t the real date of Jesus’ birth, but bear with me here.) When the day comes that is it. In the same way, if we think in terms of years and beyond, the actual birth of Jesus came at God’s set and appointed time – neither early nor late. Jesus was born in the fullness of time.


About Tim Douglass: Tim is the pastor of Monitor Bible Church.
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