Hebrews 1:1-4 - Part 3 (Hebrews 1:1-4)

Tim Douglass, August 7, 2016
Part of the Letter to the Hebrews series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

The major theme of Hebrews is Jesus. it starts with Him and it spends most of its time talking about Him. Right at the beginning we get a list of characteristics of Jesus that are tremendous food for thought. He is described as Heir of all things, the Creator of the worlds, the Brightness of God's glory, the exact image of God, the upholder of all things. He is the purger of our sins and is seated at the right hand of God in Heaven. Think about all those things. Taken as a whole they show us that Jesus is breathtakingly awesome, overwhelmingly impressive. How can we not engage with Him, how can we not admire, honor, love and trust Him? If Jesus is all that what choice do we have other than to follow Him?


About Tim Douglass: Tim is the pastor of Monitor Bible Church.
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