Sermon Audio Update

As those who listen to the sermon audio on this site are no doubt aware, we have gotten it working again. This is still a bit of a temporary solution as the plugin we use is no longer supported and will eventually have to be replaced. We worked for quite a while with another plugin, but never got it to work correctly for us. A large part of the problem is that we are limited to using a free plugin simply because we don’t have the budget to use a paid solution. We will continue to use the one we currently have until it quits working, then will see what we can come up with. We may have to go to some sort of off-site hosting service, but once again we are severely limited by having to keep the cost low (you can read that as “free” for all intents and purposes). There do appear to be several people who consistently listen to the sermons, so we plan to keep them available if at all possible.

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