Third Sunday of Advent – December 14, 2014

Proclamation & Preaching

Read: Isaiah 61:1–3, 10–11

Our first Advent candle reminded us of the watching and waiting of God’s people throughout the years as they anticipated the coming of the Messiah.

Light the first candle.

The Second candle was so we can remember the patient preparation that they put in while waiting. Making it so they were ready for the Messiah, as we need to be ready for the birth of Jesus.

Light the second candle.

Today we light the third candle, which is rose-colored to mark the mid-point of the Advent season. We now move on from the waiting to remember the proclamation of the message that went on. Isaiah was called by God to tell people that the Messiah was coming. John the Baptist, hundreds of years later, finished that message by saying “Here He is!”.

Let us remember all the prophets whom God sent to proclaim to His people that the Messiah would come. And let us not forget that God has also given us a message to preach to the world this Christmas and all the time.

Light the rose candle

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